IPv6 Training: IPv6 is the coming future, if not now, of the Internet.


Companies serious about gaining foothold and securing their competitive position in the Internet world must be well armed with the skills and knowledge to safely and strategically deploy IPv6 in their networks. Our instructors not only possess rich knowledge and years of IPv6 teaching experience but also real-world experience in IPv6 implementation. They actually know what is going onand even have been involved in the IPv6 development. They will share with you their viewpoint, vision and experience.

In addition, LARUS hosts IPv6 training symposiums for the community and the industry, offering participants great opportunities to obtain up-to-date information and knowledge. Participants will also meet up with other people to discuss their views and share their experience.

The training will be tailored to suit the needs of your company and people.

Cater Your Needs

We will understand your needs and requirements before hand so that the training will accommodate your needs

End-to-End Coverage

Comprehensive coverage includes IPv6 basics, planning, administration, configuration, routing, transitioning, operations, security, and other useful topics

Training Methods of Your Choice

You can choose to have the training onsite or have an interactive training delivered online by our trainer

Lab Practice with Real-life Scenarios

More than a fundamental classroom training, hands-on lab practice will be offered to participants to experience the real-life scenarios