LARUS’s IP Management service focus on IPv4 address leasing and it’s management. We guarantee flexibility and professional advice to help reach a solution that satisfies different needs. Instead of going through a complex and time-consuming process by your own; occupy our service to manage and lease your excessive IPv4 address at the most reliable and easy way

Huge Network

As the leading IPv4 company in the market, LARUS has strong networking with well-known and large corporations. LARUS able to protect your IPv4 assets and lease it in seconds to reliable organizations.

Generate Profit In Zero Effort

LARUS will handle from zero to one. We have a set of standard procedure and professional team to handle entire process which including clients’ source, billing, technical issue, customer service and any ad-hoc issue for you.

On-going Support

Our highly skillful and experienced IP team will provide on-going management service and support to you. It includes IP management, policy compliance, IP disputes resolution and technical consultancy.