Low-latency high-speed line, direct access to the global network with stable speed.
High-quality computer room, carefully selected configuration, extremely safe and reliable.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Your data will be held in South Africa where there will be a low-latency high-speed line, with direct access to a global network with stable speeds. The data centre is world-class with only best practice configuration, reliability and security.

Our service is diverse and exciting - not only do we offer colocation, but we also offer cloud services that will suit any business, whether you are a small business or whether you are an enterprise.

With our colocation services, we are in a Tier 3 data centre with a redundant infrastructure deployment that is interconnected to other ISPs. In addition to our fully redundant Cisco switched environment, we have L3 capacity on multiple undersea cables provided by China Telecom and WIOCC.

Our cloud infrastructure is an automated virtual hosting environment with 250 physical supermicro nodes within a Cisco switched environment which is fully redundant.

Why Choose Our Service?

LARUS offers a comprehensive set of secure, stable and scalable server hosting solutions for companies of all sizes. Our dedicated server plans are designed to meet all the needs of resource hungry hosting. With our service, you can reduce your IT costs greatly and enhance the performance of your platform exponentially at the same time. We will deliver service that surpasses any expectations.

Cost Efficient

Our premium features come at an affordable rate. You can enjoy rapid deployment, configuration and delivery which can effectively enhance operating performance and reduce your IT costs with LARUS’s flexible hosting plans.

High Speed

Enjoy unlimited data starting at 100Mbps up to 10Gbps exclusive bandwidth and immediate response. Our high-performance branded servers allow for effective global reach. We guarantee 99.99% of dedicated server uptime to ensure consistent performance.

24/7 Remote Support

Our highly skilled technical team and resident technical staff are always on the job to provide 24/7 support on any level of technical complexity, network or hardware failures.

Our Data Centre

    The Facility

  • We have our main facility within Africa Data Centre’s space in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • In addition, we also offer services within Teraco Isando (JB1) and Cape Town (CT1), South Africa.
  • 8 Data halls, with 9000 sqm white space.
  • Concurrently maintainable data centre designs with elements for fault tolerance build to asset levels.
  • Flexible colocation deployments: Single rack, Cages, suites, Turnkey build to suites, Shell and Core Solutions.
  • Ancillary spaces (offices, storage and pre installation rooms available).
  • Common areas such as meeting rooms and catering area.


  • Multiple Incoming Feeders to the site.
  • Rack density up to 20 KW.
  • 2N UPS Topology at rack level with 10 minutes autonomy time on batteries at full load.
  • Generator backup fueled to provide a minimum of 48 hours of back up fuel, backed up by service delivery agreements with diesel vendors.


  • Interconnection of all Africa Data Centres.
  • Redundant meet me rooms.
  • Redundant cabling infrastructure with diverse paths.
  • Pre cabling to support fast cross connect deployments.
  • Connectivity to major hubs and Dark Fibre Infrastructure connectivity.


  • Cooling to the data halls are provided Air Chiller systems configured to N+1 configuration.
  • Hot aisle and Cold aisle Containment done to maintain cooling efficiencies.
  • CRAC (Computer Room Air Condition) units are designed to N+20%.
  • Use of water efficient technologies.


  • Connected to 24/7 Security Operations Center and Service Control Center.
  • Redundant monitoring of all critical functions underpinned by standardized security processes.
  • Multilevel security zone principle secures the rental area and the technical operation.
  • Multiple barrier security system deployed in the Data halls.
  • Enhanced biometric security system availability, built to client requirements and CCTV surveillance with 90-day video retention and motion detection.

    Fire Detection and Suppression

  • Fire suppression system deployed in Data halls triggered by double knock detection of fire alarm.
  • High Sensitivity Smoke detection system deployed in the Data halls and all other critical areas.
  • Fireproofed walls


  • All critical infrastructure and security systems are managed and monitored 24/7.

    Products and Services

  • Colocation: Private Cage, Secure Racks, Cross Connects and Power Metering.
  • Remote hands available to assist with any client request.


  • ISO27001
    OHSAS 18001