Your data will be held in South Africa.
We provide 256 IP addresses, 100M exclusive bandwidth with unlimited traffic.
Low-latency high-speed line, direct access to the global network with stable speed.
High-quality computer room, carefully selected configuration, extremely safe and reliable.

Why Choose Our Service?

LARUS offers a comprehensive set of secure, stable and scalable server hosting solutions for companies of all size. Our dedicated server plans are designed to meet all the needs of resource hungry hosting. With our service, you can minify your IT costs and enhance the performance of your platform at the same time. We will deliver service that surpass your expectations.

Cost Efficient

Enjoy premium features at an affordable rate. You can enjoy rapid deployment, configuration and delivery which can effectively enhance operating performance and reduce your IT costs with LARUS’s flexible hosting plans.

High Speed

Enjoy unlimited data with 100M exclusive bandwidth and immediate response. Our high-performance branded servers allowing global reach. We guarantee 99.99% of dedicated server uptime to ensure consistent performance and unaffected at all times.

Top-notch Security

Year-round security maintenance and monitor. We are committed to ensuring the security of servers and applications, also strengthens security in the management system and hardware. We handle the security of your sites at server and application level that ensuring your peace of mind.

24/7 Remote Support

Our highly skilled technical team and resident technical staff are always on the job to provide 7x24 hours of on-going support on any level of technical complexity, network or hardware failures.