Why Lease IPv4 Space

2022-06-30 04:33:23 IPv4

The internet world is evolving from day to day and it will need more IP addresses to allow communication on the internet. There is IPv4 and IPv6 address but the IPv4 address is exhausted because of the limited space. Although IPv6 address has a larger space, it needs different skills from IPv4 to set up. Therefore, people not ready for IPv6 will continue using IPv4. Since IPv4 is exhausted, one of the solutions is to get IPv4 address by leasing IPv4 space. Below is the reason to lease IPv4 space:

1. Not ready for IPv6
Both IPv4 and IPv6 are able to send information over the internet, but there are differences between them in some aspects. Therefore, it will need time to implement IPv6 because the knowledge and skills needed are different from the IPv4. Those not having resources for IPv6 will still consider using IPv4 address.
2. Preparing for IPv6
During the IPv6 deployment, it will still need an IP address to connect with the internet. IPv4 will be the only option while waiting for IPv6 deployment. Since it is just a temporary use, leasing IPv4 space will be a better option because it is being paid on how long to use.

3. Cost Saving

As mentioned above, it will need additional skills to deploy IPv6. The process will need costs in learning or training the staff to get used to IPv6 so that it can be deployed correctly and avoid malfunction. Therefore, to save the training cost, some companies will still tend to use IPv4.

4. Faster processing time
For those familiar with IPv4 address, they can deploy IPv4 address faster and easier than IPv6. Furthermore, it will require training to deploy IPv6, which will take some time. Therefore, to save time, using IPv4 address is better than IPv6.

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