Why Lease IPv4 Address?

2022-04-12 07:01:51 ipleasing

The purpose of lease IPv4 address is for the lessor leasing IPv4 address to the lessee for their business or daily uses. This service has become common since IPv4 exhaustion occurs as it can help to solve the shortage of IPv4 addresses effectively. The term “IP leasing” may be new but the few reasons below are why it is getting common:

  1. IPv4 exhaustion
    IPv4 exhaustion is the reason that people are actively looking for unused IPv4 address. IPv4 exhaustion happens because of the daily increase of devices or services that require IP address to work but the nearly 4.3 billion of IPv4 address has been fully delegated. Hence, IPv4 address only can be gotten through the IPv4 market by leasing or buying.

  2. The cost to buy IPv4 address is expensive
    Because of the depletion of IPv4 address, the competition to get IPv4 address has caused the cost to acquire IPv4 address to increase from time to time. On the other hand, IPv4 leasing is cheaper and this will help those people with limited budgets to get IPv4 address to meet their purpose.

  3. Preparing in transition from IPv4 address to IPv6 address
    While waiting for the transition from IPv4 to IPv6, they will still need the IP address for the device or service. IPv6 deployment may take time because it is new and require extra time and skills to implement. Since IPv4 address just needs to be used for a certain period while deploying IPv6, buying IPv4 address which not to be used after having the IPv6 will utilize a high cost. Hence, the cheaper price of leasing IPv4 address is the most cost-efficient solution for temporary use.

  4. More flexibility in decision making
    Lease IPv4 address allows you to decide on the total period of time to be used and you will have more flexibility on the costing. If you are developing new products or services and are not sure about the future development, you can lease IPv4 address anytime you want at a lower cost and change your plan to buy IPv4 address when is needed anytime.

To solve IPv4 exhaustion, leasing IPv4 address is one of the best solutions because the cost is cheaper and it allows more flexibility in decision making. If you like to learn more about the lease IPv4 address, feel free to read the article here sharing the advantage and disadvantages of the IPv4 lease for both the lessor and the lessee.