Who Will Lease IP Address?

2022-06-15 03:57:08 IPv4

Lease IPv4 address is one of the cost-efficient solutions for the shortage of IPv4 addresses. Because of the growth of technology, the number of services or products related to the internet is increasing and require more IP address to work. However, the IPv4 address is exhausted starting from 2016 because of its limited IPv4 space. Although IPv6 with larger space is introduced to solve the IPv4 exhaustion, the transferring to IPv6 needs some time. Therefore, people who are not ready for IPv6 will choose to use IPv4 address.

Why lease IPv4?

IPv4 leasing is helping those who need IPv4 address to get it at a lower cost and faster. IPv4 lease price is starting from $0.49/month for an IPv4 address. The process of IPv4 leasing is faster than buying IP address because the buying process will take at least one month but IPv4 leasing can be done immediately.

Who will need to lease IPv4?

People may buy or lease IPv4 address, but IPv4 leasing is a better option if someone meets the condition below:
1. Limited budget
Since the cost to lease IPv4 address is lower, IPv4 leasing is more suitable for those who have a limited budget for acquiring IPv4 address.
2. Need IPv4 address immediately
Lease IPv4 helps to get IPv4 address faster because most of the IPv4 lease providers are providing on-demand IPv4 addresses. For those who want to get IPv4 address in the shortest time, IPv4 leasing is the best solution.
3. In the transition to IPv6
When in the transition to IPv6, it still needs an IPv4 address to work with the products or services. Since the usage of IPv4 address is just a short period, it is advised to lease IPv4 and avoid the high cost to acquire IPv4 address.

How to lease IPv4?

Before leasing IPv4 address, it is important to understand how many IPv4 addresses are needed, how long you need the IPv4 address, and what is the budget to lease IPv4 address. After that, surveying the IPv4 market to find IPv4 lease providers and negotiate the pricing to get the deals done. If hoping to lower the IPv4 lease price, it is advised to lease a larger space and longer period so that the IPv4 lease provider will provide a better deal. If you hope to know more about how to lease IPv4, feel free to refer to the article here.