Who Sells IP Address?

2022-06-23 04:19:52 IPv4

In the era of IPv4 exhaustion, people owning unused IPv4 addresses is having opportunities to generate profit by selling IP address. Although there is IPv6 to help in solving the limited supply of IPv4 address, IPv4 address is still important in the internet world. Therefore, people are still interested to buy IPv4 address.

Why people are buying IPv4 address

1. Not ready for transferring to IPv6 address
IPv6 has a larger space than IPv4 which can help solve the IPv4 exhaustion. Since IPv6 is new, it will need the skills and knowledge that are different from IPv4 to work. However, not everyone has the resources to implement the new skills and knowledge. Therefore, they choose to buy IPv4 address instead of changing to using IPv6.

2. Investment opportunities

Because of the limited supply of IPv4 address in the market, the price of an IPv4 address is increasing from time to time. The price of an IPv4 address has come to around $50 in 2022 and has increased 10% compared to 2021. Therefore, people are buying IPv4 address as an investment opportunity and selling them when the price goes higher.

Who is selling IPv4 address

1. Unused IPv4 address owner
Because of the increased value of the IPv4 address, it is a good opportunity to sell the IPv4 address to earn profits.
2. IPv4 broker
IPv4 broker helps in buying and selling IPv4 address. An IPv4 broker can help to sell IPv4 address faster because they are professional and have a strong network of connections in the IPv4 market.

How to sell IPv4 address

For those who are interested to sell IPv4 address, they can either find the buyer themselves online or can work with IPv4 broker. The process of selling IPv4 address takes normally more than a month but it could be faster if you work with IPv4 broker. IPv4 broker will help to find buyers from their current connection, negotiate the best price, and supporting in the IPv4 transfer. If you are not sure how to sell IPv4 address, feel free to read the article here.