What to do with IPv4 exhaustion?

2022-09-01 07:55:48 IPv4

IPv4 exhaustion is a serious matter in the internet world. This is because the IPv4 address has been fully depleted and users will need to solve this to continue using the IP address. The IP address is important in daily life because it helps people connect through the internet. Therefore, it is important to solve IPv4 exhaustion effectively. Below are 3 common solutions to solve IPv4 exhaustion:

1. Buy IP addresses from owners
Although nearly 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses are depleted, some of the owners do not use the IPv4 address. You can contact the owners and share your interest to buy their IPv4 address according to the market price. There are a few advantages of buying IP address such as enjoying the ownership of an IPv4 address, the increased value of IP address from time to time, and worry-free from the lack of IPv4 addresses in the future.

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2. Lease IPv4 address from IPv4 lease provider
Some of the owners with unused IPv4 address, are monetizing them through leasing the IPv4 address. The idea of IP leasing is the same as renting a house, you sign the contract and pay the rent, and you can use the IP address as per in the contract. Lease IPv4 is best for short-term use and also who are having a limited budget because its average renting price is around $0.49 per month for an IP address.

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3. Using the IPv6 address

Because of the limited space of IPv4 address, IPv6 is being introduced with a larger space to support the increasing demand. IPv6 is new and the background of IPv6 is different from IPv4. Therefore,  it is important to understand the background of IPv6 before start using them. Furthermore, it will take extra time to learn and implement IPv6 address so you need to calculate the estimated time to launch your products or service if you are planning to use IPv6.

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IPv4 exhaustion is becoming common and you should solve it according to your need and budget. You need to understand the type of solutions and overcome the IPv4 exhaustion cost-efficiently.