Sell IP Address with IPv4 Broker

2022-07-21 07:00:42 IPv4

Starting from 2016, the value of IPv4 address is increasing yearly because of the limited IPv4 address. This is causing the chance to get IPv4 address harder and at a higher cost. However, this benefits the owner of IPv4 address that is not used. They are taking this opportunity to sell their IP address to generate profit. They can earn around $50 for an IP address, the larger the IPv4 space, the more the profit to be earned.

How to sell IP address

For those willing to sell IP address, calculate the total number of unused IP address and start finding the buyers. There are 2 ways to find buyers as below:
1. Find buyers online
There are buyers posting online to share their interest in buying IP address. Sellers also can try to post online on the available IP address to sell. There are many platforms to make posting such as forums and social media.

2. Find IPv4 broker

IPv4 broker can help to find buyers faster through their existing connections. Selling IP address is one of the main tasks of IPv4 broker and they can handle the selling process better than others.

Recommend to sell IP address with IPv4 broker

An IP broker is specialized in finding, purchasing, and managing IP addresses. Sell IP address with IPv4 broker is safer because IPv4 broker handles the process from start to end. Below is what IPv4 broker will do:
1. Find buyers
IPv4 broker will help to find buyers based on the total number of IPv4 addresses. They have a vast network connection in the IPv4 market and this will shorten the time in finding interested buyers.

2. Preparing required documents
The contract is important to secure the deals between buyers and sellers. IPv4 broker can help in preparing the contract that fits for the selling of IPv4 address. This can save time in preparing the contract which may need to review by others again and again.

3. Deployment support
During the transferring of IP address, IPv4 broker will assist to make sure the IP address is being transferred successfully. The sellers will not need to worry because the IPv4 broker is experienced and know how to handle any circumstance that happens.

How to choose IPv4 broker

When searching for an IP broker, it is important to keep in mind a few things. First and foremost, you need to consider the selling price. Second, you will need to find an IP broker who has a good reputation and who has a wide variety of services to offer. Finally, it is important to make sure that the IP broker you choose is a legitimate entity. To know more about the process of selling IP address, feel free to read the article here.