Reclaiming of unused IPv4 address space

2020-10-22 04:00:23 APNIC apnic unusedIPv4 IPv4

According to the statistic of APNIC Survey in 2018, there was not all organisations are ready for the deployment of IPv6. Although supporting the deployment of IPv6, APNIC must continue to support access to IPv4 address space. 57% of survey participants think APNIC should undertake reclaiming / recovering unused address space regarding IPv4 exhaustion.

IPv4 advertised vs unadvertised

APNIC began this operation in 2019 by identifying unused IPv4 addresses as 'a/24 or more of a delegated prefix that its registered holder no longer needs.' To assess if a prefix is no longer required, APNIC has agreed to contact Members who have received IPv4 delegations where at least a/24 or more of their delegated prefixes are not available in the global routing scheme.

The Chief Scientist of APNIC, Geoff Huston has presented an analysis of routing and addressing in the Internet at APIC 49. Geoff has disclosed that the global pool of allocated but unannounced is currently about 50/8s and it is increasing slowly.

IPv4 advertised vs unadvertised

APNIC worker have evaluated the pool of unidentified IPv4 delegations ons and classified them into categories on the basis of the regulation that applies to them in July 2019. The unadvertised space may possibly be actioned as below:

IPv4 advertised vs unadvertised

APNIC plans to complete these tasks by the end of the year and will continue to share progress with the group through the APNIC Blog and APNIC 50.

(Source: APNIC Blog)