IPv4 lease price 2023

2022-02-24 06:48:12 leaseipv4

Cheap IPv4 lease price is becoming the popular solution of lease IPv4 address for IPv4 exhaustion compared to buying IPv4 address in 2023. Other than that, lease IPv4 address helps the company to have more flexibility and control over the cash flow. However, IPv4 lease price varies in the market and you can learn more below.

IPv4 lease price in 2023

The price to buy an IPv4 address in 2023 is around USD50 so people tend to lease IPv4 address at a lower price. After comparing the IPv4 lease prices in 2023, the average lease price for an IP address is at USD0.49/month which is 98% cheaper than the price of buying an IPv4 address. This is why lease IPv4 is becoming the most cost-effective solution to IPv4 exhaustion. Furthermore, the price of the IPv4 lease can be cheaper if you meet the two factors below.

2 Factors that affect the IPv4 lease price

  1. Number of IPv4 address to lease
    If you are leasing a large amount of IPv4 address, you will have the chance to negotiate with the IPv4 lease provider. From the point of business, usually, the company will offer customers “buy more to save more”. Hence, if you are looking for a lower IPv4 lease price, you should lease more IPv4 address to enjoy a lower price
  2. The period of IPv4 lease
    Same to the theory of “buy more to save more”, the longer the period of IPv4 lease, the company may provide you the lower price. Since the company will like to have a long-term relationship with the customers, they may provide a better package for you.

Best IPv4 lease price in 2023

There is no best IPv4 lease price in the market because it is depending on the 2 factors mentioned above which are the total number and the leasing period. Other than this, it is not recommended to look only at the price, there are many other factors to be considered such as the period of availability, the background of the IPv4 lease provider, the support from the IPv4 lease provider, and so on.

Conclusion: Negotiate the best IPv4 lease price yourself

Be prepared before you search for the IPv4 lease provider, compare among the provider from their price, background, and services. Make sure you understand the market situation to make the correct decision. If you are not sure how to start leasing IPv4 address, feel free to read the article here.