The Importance of IP Leasing

2022-04-29 06:53:37 IPv4

IP leasing is getting important in 2022 and more people are choosing it as the solution for IPv4 exhaustion. IP leasing allows people to obtain IPv4 address for the duration they would like to use temporarily. It brings lots of advantages to the business and below are the 3 main reasons why IP leasing is getting important:

1. Simple and easy process

The process of IP leasing are the same as leasing anything. The lessee sign contract for a certain period and pays the lessor, then they will get the IP address from the lessor. The process is simple and easy to handle, anyone can do it but make sure you find a good IPv4 lease provider.

The IPv4 address is exhausted and to solve it, people can choose to lease IPv4 address, buy IPv4 address or shift to using IPv6 address. IP leasing has the most simple process compared to buying IPv4 which needs more than a month from sourcing to getting IPv4 address . Shifting to use IPv6 address that will need new skills and knowledge to implement takes some time, IP leasing can solve IPv4 exhaustion faster.

Hence, to get the IPv4 address faster, IP leasing is the most efficient solution.

2. Cost control

The initiative of leasing is to help the people who not afford to buy in getting the things temporarily. The same goes for IP leasing, the price of an IPv4 address is around $50 and not everyone has the budget to buy IPv4 address, lower price of IP leasing around $0.49/month for an IP address is a better option.

Hence, IP leasing can help those who need IPv4 address to lease them at a lower cost and give them an opportunity to use IPv4 address. On the other hand, they will have more budget to spend on other important areas to strengthen their business. IP leasing is a cost-efficient IPv4 solution for companies with limited budgets.

3. Flexibility

Compare to buying, IP leasing is a flexible option to get IP address because you will not need to spend the high cost to buy IP address but rent IPv4 address at a lower cost. This helps those companies that are newly established to have flexibility in getting IP address because there will be many uncertainties in the future and if needed, they can buy the IP address in the future.

Hence, companies who choose IP leasing can have flexibility in making decisions for example, the total duration of IP address needed or the total number of IP address needed, they can increase the number or decrease the number by discussing with the lessor.

Conclusion: IP leasing important to IPv4 exhaustion

IPv4 address is exhausted and people will need to pay a high cost to buy them. However, IP leasing help to solve this issue effectively, anyone can get IPv4 address at a lower cost. To learn more about IP leasing, you can refer to the article here.