How to Solve IPv4 Exhaustion

2022-03-16 08:20:24 IPv4

IPv4 address exhaustion means the nearly 4.3 billion IPv4 addresses are fully depleted. The internet users or devices using IP addresses to functions are increasing daily due to the daily uses and the development of technology. The nearly 4.3 billion IPv4 address is not enough to sustain the growing internet world. Hence, the company has to actively look for solutions to overcome IPv4 address exhaustion, and the 3 solutions are to buy IPv4 address, lease IPv4 address, and deploy IPv6 address. Below are further details about the IPv4 address solutions.

1. Buy IPv4 address

People owning unused IPv4 address is selling the IPv4 address to generate profits. The price of an IPv4 address in 2022 is nearly 50USD and will be increased from time to time depending on the situation of the IPv4 market.

Since the IPv4 price is expensive, it may not suitable for the buyer with a low budget or only for short-term use. However, buying IPv4 address can benefit businesses in many ways such as stability and the increasing value of IPv4 address.

It is recommended to buy IPv4 address through IPv4 brokerage service. This is because IPv4 broker has the source of the buyer, the latest information from the IPv4 market and they are familiar with the complicated IPv4 buying process. The IPv4 broker will help you to buy IPv4 address faster and at the lowest cost available.

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2. Lease IPv4 address

Lease IPv4 address is the most cost-effective solution for IPv4 exhaustion with the starting price of 0.49USD/month for an IPv4 address. There are many IPv4 lease providers in the IPv4 market and they are managing unused IPv4 addresses to generate revenue.

IPv4 lease is best suited for the company with a low budget, only for short-term use, or needs to get IPv4 address in the shortest time. The benefits of the IPv4 lease are the company will have more flexibility in the finance and product development because they can custom-made the leasing price and duration with the provider.

Furthermore, most of the IPv4 lease provider is leasing on-demand IPv4 address and deployment support. Hence, the processing time is shorter compared to buying IPv4 address.

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3. Implementing IPv6

IPv6 is introduced to replace IPv4 since IPv4 exhaustion. The size of IPv4 address is 32 bits and contains nearly 4.3 billion IP addresses. However, the size of IPv6 address is 128 bits and contains nearly 340 trillion trillion trillion IP addresses. Hence, IPv6 can help to solve the IPv4 exhaustion effectively because it has a large space compared to IPv4.

IPv6 is new and the way to use is different from IPv4. The IPv6 transition takes time and cost because it has to configure a few things including the device and technology to ensure functionality.

Hence, it is recommended to go for IPv6 training to fully understand IPv6 knowledge to implement IPv6 faster and correctly.

Conclusion: Choose the solution that best fits your business

Buying IPv4 address, lease IPv4 address, and implementing IPv6 can solve IPv4 exhaustion but there is a difference in the processing time and cost behind these 3 solutions. Hence, it is advised to consider the company's ability from a different perspective and make the decision that's best fits your business.