How to sell IPv4 addresses?

2022-01-13 05:43:47 IPv4

For those who have unused IP addresses on hand, you may sell IPv4 address to generate profits. The value of IPv4 address is increasing from year to year. This is because of IPv4 exhaustion, people are competing to get unused IPv4 address for their business and even bidding higher to make sure they can get them. If you are not sure how to do it, you can refer to the steps below:

  1. Confirming the class of the unused IP address

    You will need to sell IP address in class, for example,


    Number of IP address







  2. Figuring the acceptable price per IP address

    IPv4 price is increasing from year to year so you will need to know the current situation of the IPv4 marketplace and make sure you know the latest price.

  3. Reach out to potential sellers yourself or via IPv4 broker.

    If you have your connection to find a potential seller, you can share the price and negotiate with them. However, it is recommended to sell IP address via IPv4 broker because they are always up to date on the situation of IPv4 marketplace, understand the process of transferring IP address, and are able to negotiate a good price for you.

  4. Preparing contract once gets confirmation from buyer.

    After the buyer confirms to buy your IP address, you will need to prepare a contract to protect the mutual benefits between you and the buyer. If you are not sure how to do it, you may ask IPv4 broker to assist.

  5. Collect payment and transfer IP address to the buyer.

    Once both parties signed the contract, you will need to wait for the payment from the buyer. After the transaction is done, you can transfer the IP address to the buyer and the process of selling IP address is done.

The process of selling IPv4 address will be faster and smoother if you work with IPv4 broker. LARUS is providing IP brokerage service that assists you to sell IPv4 address, kindly leave your contact below or live chat with our specialists at the right bottom.