How To Get IPv4 Block

2022-04-21 04:00:47 IPv4

Large enterprises need large IPv4 blocks to fulfill the needs of their products or services. The unused IPv4 blocks are getting lesser so the enterprises will need to work hard to get the IPv4 blocks. Currently, there are only 2 ways to obtain IPv4 blocks which are to lease IPv4 blocks or buy IPv4 blocks. Before explaining these 2 methods, let's learn more about IPv4 blocks first.

What is IPv4 block?

Referring to RIPE, IP addresses are assigned to networks in different sized ‘blocks'. The size of the ‘block' assigned is written after an oblique (/), which shows the number of IP addresses contained in that block. For example, if an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is assigned a “/24”, they receive around 256 IPv4 addresses. The lower the number after the oblique, the more addresses contained in that “block”.

The charts below show the total number of IP addresses in each block.

IP Address






























16 K


32 K


64 K








1 M


2 M


4 M




16 M


32 M


64 M


128 M


256 M


512 M


1024 M


2048 M


4096 M


You should be knowing the blocks you need according to the total number of IP address.

2 Methods to get IPv4 blocks

You can get IPv4 blocks by leasing or buying IPv4 blocks, the main difference between them is the processing time and costs. 

  1. Leasing IPv4 blocks
    Lease IPv4 blocks allow you to rent the IPv4 address for the period you need.
    Processing time: 1 - 2 days
    Cost: Around $0.49/month for an IP address

  2. Buying IPv4 blocks
    Buy IPv4 blocks allows you to own the IPv4 blocks and use them anytime you want.
    Processing time: More than one month
    Cost: Around $50 for an IP address in 2022

Which methods should be used?

Since processing time and the cost are the main differences, below is the guide to choosing between leasing and buying:

  1. Time
    If you are needing the IPv4 blocks urgently, you should be leasing IPv4 blocks because the processing time for buying is more than a month. However, it will just take 1 - 2 days to get IPv4 blocks through leasing.

  2. Cost
    If you are having a flexible budget, you should be buying IPv4 blocks to enjoy the increased value of IPv4 addresses in the future. However, if you have a limited budget, leasing IPv4 blocks can provide you with more flexibility in the cost.

Conclusion: Get IPv4 blocks according to your situation

Both leasing and buying IPv4 blocks have their advantages and risks. It is recommended to make the decision carefully or consult IPv4 solution provider and ask their opinion on the best fits solutions.