How leasing IPv4 address can benefit business

2022-01-05 06:41:51 leaseipv4

IPv4 exhaustion is started in 2016, it is hard to get unused IPv4 addresses in the IPv4 market. There are only 2 options in the IPv4 market to get IPv4 addresses which are lease IPv4 address or buy IPv4 address. In this article, we will discuss how leasing IPv4 address can benefit businesses:

  1. Cost-saving
    Due to IPv4 exhaustion, the cost to buy an IP address is increased to $35 in 2021. If compared to IP leasing that only costs as low as $0.41 per month for an IP address, it can be seen there is a big difference in the price between buying and leasing.

    Hence, IP leasing is a more cost-effective way to get IPv4 address especially for startup companies or companies with tight-budget. Furthermore, since IP leasing help to save more, the company can allocate more costs to other development.

  2. Faster process & immediate available
    The process of buying IPv4 address is complicated and time-consuming, it may take more than a month to get IPv4 address.

    If you are in urgent need, lease IPv4 address is the fastest way because it just needs 3 simple steps to get it done: sign service contract, proceed with the payment, and get a letter of authorization(LOA).

Lease IPv4 address not only help to overcome IPv4 exhaustion but also help you to get IPv4 address at a lower cost. To learn more about lease IPv4 address, feel free to read this article.