How Buying IPv4 Address Can Benefit Business

2022-03-09 09:22:21 IPv4

For the development of internet-related products, the company will need an IP address for each device. However, the IPv4 market is now short of IPv4 addresses and there are only 3 options to solve it which are buying IPv4 address, leasing IPv4 address, or switching to using IPv6 address. This article will be discussing how buying IPv4 address can benefit your business.

The cost of an IPv4 address is around 50USD which is expensive compared to other solutions but businesses still looking for buying them because of a few reasons below:

  1. Stability
    Buy IPv4 address is considered the more stable solution compared to others. Compare to IPv4 leasing, buying an IPv4 address means it will be becoming your fixed asset so you won’t be affected by external factors for example lease contract.

    Compared to switching to use IPv6, IPv4 address may provide more stable support because IPv6 is new and not all people is familiar with it. You may need to attend IPv6 training to understand how it is functions, you will need to spend extra time on it but owning IPv4 address can help to save time on learning IPv6 and implementing them.

  2. Increase value of IPv4 address

    Buying IPv4 address is considering a good investment. This is because starting from 2016, the price is increasing yearly from 6USD to around 50USD in 2022. This meaning if you own IPv4 address, the value of your asset is increasing yearly.

  3. Generate extra revenue

    If you are not planning to use the IPv4 address in the future, you may lease them to the people needed. IPv4 lease is a trending solution to solve IPv4 exhaustion. In 2022, the IPv4 lease price for an IPv4 address is around 0.49USD and it may increase higher following by the IPv4 market situation. You can choose either to find lessees yourself or look for an IP management service to help you find potential lessees. You can enjoy the increased value of IPv4 addresses and generate profit through leasing them at the same time, this is considering a good investment.

Buying IPv4 address benefits businesses in many ways mostly because of its increased value every year.  If you are not sure how to buy IPv4 address, feel free to read the guide here.