Benefits of Selling IPv4 Address

2022-03-02 09:13:24 IPV4

If you have excessive IPv4 address on hand, you may generate attractive revenue through selling IPv4 address. Since IPv4 exhaustion happened, the IPv4 market is lack IPv4 address supply, and the competition to get IPv4 addresses is happening aggressively. Hence, the IPv4 price is increasing from year to year and it will be a golden opportunity for the IPv4 address owner to sell them at a good price. In this article, we will discuss why you should sell IPv4 addresses:

  1. Save time and cost on managing IPv4 address
    You may need a professional to help you manage the unused IPv4 address to keep them in a safe way. The management of IPv4 address is very crucial because IPv4 addresses may be misused and it will be in trouble if being blacklisted because blacklisted IPv4 address may get rejected to be used on the internet.

    If you sell your IPv4 address, this means you transfer the ownership to others and will not need to take care of the IPv4 address anymore. You can spend more time and money on something worthy to you or the company.

  2. Generate attractive revenue

    The price of an IPv4 address has come to nearly USD50 in 2022 and it is expected to keep on increasing over the year. The situation is happening because the IPv4 address is depleted and the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 is happening slowly. Hence, people in the IPv4 market is competing to get IPv4 address as much as they can at an acceptable price.

    Selling your IPv4 address in 2022 will help you to generate more attractive revenue compare to the previous year because of its scarcity. Make sure you understand the latest IPv4 price and get the best offer from the buyers to generate more profit.

Selling IPv4 address help in saving time, cost and generating attractive revenue at the same time.  If you are not sure how to sell IPv4 address, feel free to read the guide here.