Why Lease but not Buy IPv4?

2021-02-10 05:39:16 IPv4 ipleasing

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses were made to distinguish a gadget on an IP organization exceptionally, for example, the public web. An IPv4 address comprises a 32-digit number space that is separated into four octets (1 octet = 8 pieces). IPv4 has roughly 4.3 billion (B) interesting location blends.

In 1994, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), knowing there was a looming IPv4 tending to issue, started the advancement of another Internet Protocol rendition - IPv6. While the 32-cycle tending to IPv4 accommodates ~4.3 B addresses, IPv6’s 128-bits gives ~340 undecillion (for example 340 trillion, trillion, trillion, or 3.4 x 1038) exceptional locations. The sheer size of this number is practically unimaginable.

The increase of IPv4 price

In 2021, the prices of IPv4 addresses have drastically increased in the last year price, up 35% in one year. A single IP address is around $25, which is only for the specific size of block-like /19 /20 /21. The more you buy the bigger the discount, but prices are not going down, they are going up due to demand and limit on supply.

Buy IPv4 address

Buying IPv4 address are becoming more expensive which makes for those SMEs may not be the best option because the cost of buying an IPv4 will no longer be OpEx instead of CapEx. For those large enterprises, the cost of buying IPv4 may still not be expensive for them, but leasing will still be an extra option to them, which will bring agility to their business. Anyway, buying IPv4 is not like buying anything on amazon. A careful verification process and IP transfer are compulsory, so it is better to find an experienced IP Broker. To finish a whole transaction of IPv4 transfer, generally will take around 1-2 months for the Intra-RIR transfer and even more than 3 months for an inter-RIR transfer.

Lease IPv4 address

Therefore, leasing IPv4 will be a higher effective way for those companies that may need IPv4 instantly. Currently, to delegate an IPv4 block from /24 and up to /16 block, it can just cost around 24 hours. A Letter of authorization will send to the client once the IPv4 block is allocated. The lessor will also help the lessee to update the WHOIS on RIR, set up ROA on IRR or RIR’s RPKI to secure the IPv4 will not hijack by others. Lastly, the lessor will also notice other third-party’s databases to update the info of the IPv4 block.

About the pricing of lease IPv4, it keeps rising rapidly for the past few years. But to compare with to buy, lease still not higher than 15% of to buy an IPv4. This allows clients to use their capital for other urgent investments, which offsets the cost of the lease as they see their return on that capital.

With IP leasing, you can acquire the necessary IPv4 to keep your in-house structures working smoothly and ensure full backlink compatibility with the new era of the Internet. And while in process of migrating to IPv6, leasing is the perfect solution to acquiring temporary IP addresses, rather than spending extra capital, simply to gain unneeded IPv4 addresses.


Lease IPv4 is easier than buying IPv4 because of the shorter processing time and lower prices. LARUS is managing a big pool of IPv4 addresses and IPv4 address is ready to use anytime. If you are interested to lease IPv4, kindly leave your contact below or live chat with our specialists at the right bottom.

- Written by Jo Cheung , Business Development Specialist at LARUS