Which region has the best IP Address?

2021-04-02 08:40:24 IP Address

As we all know, The IP (Internet Protocol) routes some data packets in order to enable us to travel on the network. The IP Address is a unique identifier for the devices or domains to help them to arrive at the correct destinations for the users. And it is existing by four sections of the numbers between 0-255. In total, there are 4 294 967 296 (232) IP addresses are ready to make the journey in the world.

All IP addresses are managed under the Five Regional Internet Registries (RIR). These are AFRINIC (The African Network Information Center), APNIC (The Asia-Pacific Network Information Centre), ARIN (The American Registry for Internet Numbers), LACNIC (The Latin America and Caribbean Network Information Centre), and RIPE NCC (The Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre).  All existing IP addresses are distributed in these 5 RIRs. However, it is a fact that the companies and IT-related persons would prefer to buy IPv4 or lease IPv4 from a specific region. They believe that they know where the best IPs are. Do they really know?

Did the quality of IP address differ according to region?

Some people think that the quality of IP addresses may change from region to region. Therefore, they tend to look for IP addresses in specific countries. Contrary to popular belief, the distributed IPs do not have a different quality from the others. For example, you buy the same amount of currency from both in your local country and the other country that you travel to. Does it make any difference in its function? Even they may look different, coins or banknotes, like the size of IP blocks, like money itself, the value and function don’t change. Still, you have the same amount of money to spend.

It is the same way of thinking for the IP addresses as well. When the companies need an IP address, they can apply for the RIR or the IP Address Provider to meet their needs. While RIR provides the IP blocks only for their members, which needed to be located in the same region, by selling them; the IP address provider companies like LARUS. And there is no difference to buy IP addresses from any RIR or IP address provider. As a plus, unlike RIR, LARUS can serve you IPv4 with no locational limitations. IP addresses can freely travel everywhere. Also, as another advantage, there is no need to pay for membership. For more details and the other services: please follow the IP Trading and Professional Services sections.

Consequently, as I mentioned above that from east to west and from north to south, all IP addresses in the world have the same quality and function. There is no place or region that has the best or the better IP addresses. Therefore, when there is an IP address requirement, the important thing is to find a confidential company that assists you to provide IPv4 which are not on the blacklist or helps you to remove the IP addresses from the blacklist. Then, thanks to their professional help, the IP can travel easily to your demanded location to serve.


There is no best IP address in the world and all IP address is being treated the same with just geographical difference. If you are interested to get IPv4, LARUS is providing IP brokerage and IP leasing, kindly leave your contact below or live chat with our specialists at the right bottom.

Written by - Seyhan Kol, Business Development Specialist in LARUS