The Advantages and Risks of Leasing IPv4 Addresses

2020-08-27 12:22:16 ipleasing

Lease IPv4 address is becoming the most cost-efficient solution to solve IPv4 exhaustion. Lessor can lease the idle IPv4 address to lessee. However, there are advantages and risk of leasing IP address, read further to understand more.

Advantages of Leasing IP Address

For lessor:

  1. They may extend predictable revenue. By leasing your IPv4 addresses, it creates a chance to monetise IP addresses and sell an IP block for a better price in the future versus in the current market. The lessor can keep the IPv4 block in case of future need.

For lessee:

  1. They may utilise their capital for other investments, which offsets the cost of the lease as they see their return on that capital.
  2. They may align their expenses more closely to their revenues.
  3. While in process of migrating to IPv6, leasing is the perfect solution to acquire temporary IP addresses, rather than spending extra capital, simply to gain unneeded IPv4 addresses.

Risks of Leasing IP Address

As with any sort of leasing agreement, it is critical to take note that there are also risks with leasing. The potential risks may include:

    1. The lessor needing the addresses before the end of the term.

    2. The lessee needing the addresses longer than the term.

    3. A vicious or inattentive lessee may allow the addresses to be used for spam or malicious behaviour. This might cause blacklisting traffic from those addresses and the address may be unusable until the listings have been cleaned up.

    4. The cost of leasing can also be higher than buying IP addresses in long-term.

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