How to Check IPv4 Blacklist

2020-08-27 12:25:24 IPv4

Most IPv4 blacklists have a web page where it allows people to verify whether an IP address has been entered into blacklists.  Some IPv4 blacklists allow people to access their list for a local search (or a GitHub sync). However, a check needs to be scripted for 2 big operators, which are SORBS and Spamhaus.

SORBS and Spamhaus are running DNSBLs for Domain Name Service Black-Lists. Both enable DNS queries and you will get a code in return, which the code will inform you whether the IPv4 address is on the list.  For example, '' is the address I want to check, I have to run a Unix command of $ short. After that I might get a reply like "," this means the address is on the spam list.

If you are going to query a block, a script is needed for you to query all the addresses in the block. If you have further questions about the IPv4 blacklist, kindly contact our team today and we will be pleased to answer.