7 ways someone might get your IP address

2022-01-06 09:19:45 ipknowledge

The majority probably doesn't care about what is your IP address. Your IP address allows you to connect to the internet, it is way more than just a number.  One thing we need to know is the IP address allows the internet to track the IP address back to you such as your geographical location if they decided to.

7 ways someone might get your IP Address?

There are various ways for internet users to get your IP address. Let's see what we have on our list:

  1. Borrowing your smart devices

    If someone is using your smart devices, they can just go online and search about your current IP address and they will get your IP immediately.

  2. Tapping into your wireless network

    By tapping into your wireless network if your network wasn't secure well, someone can get your IP address easily.

  3. HTML Bug

    Only a piece of code is embedded in the picture that's included with the email you've read. If you are viewing a picture (often just opening an email), the bug will simply tell the sender that you are reading an email. It will also include your IP address. Besides that, some programs help people render email bugs like this.

  4. Web Server Logs

    You leave your IP address every time you visit a website. An IP address is your digital pass to connect online. Therefore, a website able to search their internet-server devices to review all the IP addresses, by doing this the webpage can know where their message reaches or who is a repeat user.

  5. Internet Forums

    You can share or contribute ideas on a forum, but your IP address will identify your computer to the administrator. So they can ban someone if they break the rules of the forum.

  6. Social Media

    Most social media doesn't reveal IP addresses between their users, but the administrator gets to know the IP address of the users.

  7. Communication Apps

    Your smartphone uses an IP address every time you send a message to another. Your IP address is inaccessible to the person who received your message, if you click on a connection in a post, the website you sent will have access to your IP address.

  8. Work Mail

    Email header on your office's email might show your IP address, and a smart IT-minded person would simply use it to track your location.

We hope you have learned how others can get your IP address and you can further read on how to protect yourself from IP hackers. If you are interested to know more about IP address, feel free to read our blog or follow us on LinkedIn.