LARUS—the pioneer of server rental market

2017-05-14 07:59:34

Under the advantages of three domestic operators’ restructuring of the business and 3G industry-competition, communications industry continually evolve and diversify business applications have brought far-reaching prospectsfor the IDC's development.

With our depth development of communication industry,especially,SMEs’growing demand for information technology,IDC's application has also been spread to various industries, such as government, finance, logistics,entertainment and other different industries.On the one hand, these different sectors of information technology applications have drived the development of IDC's market;on the other hand,It also means that in the provision of large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable specialized server rental, hosting services, and the resultant high value-added, high service, high-techvalue-added business, IDC service providers needs to be greatly enhanced.

Research has shown that by 2011 China's IDC market scale is expected toreach 13.16 billion.In the future, IDC market will at an annual rate of 50% to maintain rapid growth continually.In the next few years ,IDC market will continue to increase investment in value-added services to meet the user’s growing industry-applications needs.Because of the industry characteristics,the application needs of industry users are highly differentiated.Thus, highly differentiated IDC service enables users to select the best IDC which suits themselves.Also,it will avoid IDC entering into homogeneous, low-pricecompetition cycle.

With the rapid development of e-commerce, e-government such diversifiedInternet applications,it forms a rapidly expanding basic network applicationservices market.As a major service to meet these applications,hosting rentalgets more and more attention,and various IDC Enterprise have set foot in the field of server rental.

At the booming time, facing with the competitive pressures, many problems areaccompanied.

Mainly reflected in the following areas:

1.In order to reduce bandwidth costs, use low-quality hosting for Internet access;

2. In order to reduce server acquisition costs, choose second-hand server for theclient;

3.In order to reduce operating costs, use non-technical supportors or borrow technical supportors to provide technical support;

4. In order to reduce service costs, shorten the service time and cut servicecontent.

Faced with such problems in server rental market, learned from the well-known IDC enterprise OutsideHeaven (,OutsideHeaven took the providing high quality and high-quality hosting server,the highly reliable,fully redundant 7X24 hosting service as the core business development pursuit.

After ten years of operating experience, OutsideHeaven have accumulated a wealth of experience in IDC operations and customer service.These experiences have been fully reflected on its provided server.

In the choice of engine room, OutsideHeaven has opened up a dedicated server rentalarea in its own autonomous operation European engine room.And monitor 7X24-hours these areas in network security and traffic.

On the procurement aspects of the server, based on strict criteria,inscreening a large number of vendors, OutsideHeaven determines a special and oriented procurement process to ensure that our servers can meet or exceed relevant industry standards and performance indicators.

On the technical support and customer service,OutsideHeaven upholds strict and professional spirit,focuses on patient attitude,not only thingking about what the customers want, but also exceeding customers’ satisfaction as the development direction.All the engineers are equipped with Microsoft, Cisco and other industry technical certification,and has extensive experience in technology implementation.

Through learning OutsideHeavenwe can see the server rental providers should be gradually developing along the direction of specialized, differentiated and branding in the future.In this way,they can occupy a favorable position in the market quickly,and laying a solid foundation to become the market leader

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