IP Delegation Service: Flexible & Worry-Free IP Solution


LARUS possesses seasoned expert in IP address policy. To focus on providing unmatched IPv4 address solutions in the world, IP addresses will be delegated to you directly from LARUS’s own IP pool. You will use the IP addresses like your own without limitation regarding geography and usage. This is a flexible and speedy service to meet your business needs.

Customizable IPv4 Solution

LARUS can custom exclusive IPv4 address solutions according to your business needs.

Worry-Free Service

You do not need to maintain a RIR membership nor worry about the administrations fees because we provide our IP addresses directly to you.

Riskless IP Source

A carefully managed IP pool guarantees the cleanliness and usefulness of the IP addresses which are free from Hijacked or blacklisted IP addresses used by hackers, spammers, spoofers, etc.

Immediate Deployment

IP addresses will be deployed quickly in a couple of days because there is no need to go through the complicated process for getting IP addresses from the IP transfer market which will involve IP brokerage, buy/sell agreements, notary/escrow, RIR justifications and approval, etc.

Predictable and Sustainable

Service agreement will secure your IP address supply and cost for agreed service term long enough to future prove your business needs. We can also provide value-added service to reserve IP addresses for your future at a fraction of the cost.

 Easy Fit to Your Needs

A straightforward business model that is easy to fit into your business planning and product development. A tiny cost of an IP address can turn into a big revenue of business.

On-Going Support

Our highly skillful and experienced IP team will provide on-going management service and support to you. It includes IP management, policy compliance, IP disputes resolution and technical consultancy.