Who Will Buy IP Address?

2022-06-08 03:54:03 IPv4

IP address is important to the internet world. It is playing an important role to transfer information through the internet. Without IP addresses, the internet users will not able to connect with each other over the internet. There are 2 types of IP addresses, IPv4 and IPv6.The main difference between them is the total number of IP addresses, IPv6 has a larger space and IPv4 space is smaller. IPv4 address is exhausted since 2016, IPv6 is new and people who are not ready to deploy IPv6 will continue to use IPv4. Therefore, they will need to buy the IP address to use.

What is the cost to buy IP address?

The cost to buy IP address is increasing from time to time. This happen because of the strong competition to get IPv4 addresses since IPv4 was exhausted. The demand for IPv4 addresses is going up and causing the price to go up. In 2022, the cost to acquire an IPv4 address is around 50 USD per IP address which is a 10% increase in price compared to the previous year.

Who will purchase IP address

All the businesses related to the internet will require the IP address and they will buy IP addresses to fulfill the business requirement. When the business start to build products or services related to the internet, it will need the IP address to operate. Therefore, IP address owners can target these businesses to sell their idle IP addresses and generate revenue. Especially those large enterprises will need large IPv4 space to fulfill the demand. Hence, it will be a golden opportunity for large IPv4 space owners to earn a profit.

Sell IP address with IP broker

If you have no idea how to find a buyer, working with IP broker will be the best solution. IP broker is experienced in buying and selling IP address, they have a huge connection in the market and are able to find the buyer faster. If you like to know more about selling IP addresses, feel free to read the article here.