Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)

2022-01-19 08:08:27 ipknowledge

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is a large-scale non-governmental international organization of public nature. It is spontaneously participated and managed by experts who have contributed to internet technology engineering and development. Bringing together network designers, operators, investors, and researchers related to the internet architecture and the smooth functioning of the internet, all interested in the industry are welcome to participate, and anyone can register for the IETF conference.

Introduction to the IETF

The Internet Engineering Task Force, established at the end of 1985, is the most authoritative technical standardization organization for the global internet. Its main task is to be responsible for the research and development and formulation of internet-related technical specifications. Most of the current international internet technical standards come from the IETF.

The IETF is an international non-governmental organization that voluntarily participated and managed by experts who have contributed to the engineering and development of internet technology. It brings together network designers, operators, and researchers related to the evolution of internet architecture and stable operation of the internet, and is open to all interested in the industry. Anyone can register for an IETF meeting.

Main tasks of the IETF

The main task of the IETF is to be responsible for the research, development, and formulation of internet-related technical standards and is an authoritative network-related technology research group in the international internet industry. A large amount of technical work of the IETF is undertaken and completed by its various internal working groups.

These working groups are organized according to various categories of research questions. Before the establishment of the working group, some researchers spontaneously conduct research on a certain topic through the email group. When the research is relatively mature, they can apply to the IETF to establish an interest group to carry out the preparatory work of the working group.

After the preparatory work is completed, the working group can be established after the IETF upper-level research and approval. The working group conducts special research in the IETF framework, such as special working groups such as routing, transmission, and security. Anyone interested in this technology can freely participate in the discussion and put forward their own opinions. Each working group has an independent email group and members of the working group exchange information through emails. 

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