Virtual IP Address

2021-12-14 07:30:09 ipaddress

Virtual IP addresses are IP addresses that are not connected to a specific computer. Therefore, they can then rotate between nodes in the Content Gateway cluster. It is normal for a device to have a few IP addresses on the same subnet. This computer will have a main or actual IP address connected to its interface card and would also support several more virtual addresses. 

Virtual IP addresses are available in both home and office networks. When the device connects to the internet, the router sets a specific local IP address, normally via DHCP. You can arrange the user base using a DNS round-robin that points to virtual IP addresses instead of using the actual IP addresses of the Service Gateway machines. Since the virtual IP addresses were not linked to computers, the Content Gateway cluster will take addresses from disabled nodes and allocate those addresses among some of the existing live nodes. By using a standardized management protocol, Content Gateway nodes can communicate their status to their peers. If a server fails, its peers will note the error and discuss which of the available ones will cover the error by taking over the virtual interface of the failed node.

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