3 Things to Consider Before Buy IPv4

2022-03-31 03:21:32 IPv4

Since IPv4 address is exhausted, there is only one way to own it which is to buy IPv4 address. Although IPv4 price is expensive is around 50USD in 2022 but there are still people looking to buy them for company use or for investment. However, the process is complicated and takes time because it is involving a few parties to get done. Below are the 3 things you must know before kickstarting the journey of buying IPv4 address.

1. Financial status

The cost of an IPv4 address is expensive and it is assumed to increase from year to year because of the limited supply in the IPv4 market. Furthermore, IP addresses need to be purchased in the form of a class or block. For example, if you are buying class C that host 256 IPv4 address, assuming the cost per IPv4 address is 50USD, the total estimated cost to purchase a class C will be:
256 x 50USD= 12,800USD

Below are the estimated price to purchase class A, B, and C:


Number of IP address











After looking into the total cost of a different class, it is advised for the buyers to deeply consider if buying IPv4 address suits your business. There are many factors to consider for your financial stability such as future cash flow. Buyer will need to understand what is the budget to buy IP address so you are able to bargain the price with the seller in the future or inform that IPv4 broker that you are looking for IPv4 address around that range.

2. Number of IPv4 address needed

As mentioned above, the cost to acquire IP address is expensive. Hence, it is better to understand how many IPv4 address you are looking for. This helps you to calculate the total costs and ensure you are not buying exceeded IPv4 address that will cost you more.

To calculate the total number of IP address needed, you can discuss with the IT department or product development team. If you are using IP address for devices, calculate the total number of devices to be produced. If you are using IP address for services, calculate the total number of users to be served.

Once you have the total numbers, you can start to source sellers or inform the IPv4 broker and they will source in the IPv4 market based on your need. However, on top of the total number you planned, it is advised to plan some extra IPv4 address to overcome any circumstances that may happen.

3. Estimated time that needs to get the IP address

The process of buying IPv4 address is complicated and time-consuming. From the previous experiences, it will take at least one month to finish the buying process from sourcing, blacklist checking, RIR approval, payment, and receive IP address from the seller. Hence, It is advised to buy IPv4 address only if you are not in the urgent need or you should plan at least one month ahead before needing to use the IP address. Furthermore, it will take more time if you are buying larger IPv4 space because the unused IPv4 resources are very limited in the market.

Conclusion: Understand everything before you decide to buy

The journey of buying IPv4 address is time-consuming and requires high cost, make your own research and discussion among the team before buying IPv4 address to ensure it is a correct decision. If you think buying IPv4 address is not suitable at moment, you may consider leasing IPv4 address at a lower cost and faster processing time.