How to Protect Your IP Address from Hackers?

2020-09-21 03:34:44 ipaddress

Why is it so important to protect your IP address? This is because the IP address is your network identifier, the IP address helps the web to locate your computer among billions of those linked to the web and to provide the information you demanded. If not covered, malicious hackers and cybercriminals can use this numeric address in many ways. As researchers have figured out, if our IP addresses were actually the key to all of our personal data, then the whole Internet would be a huge mess. However, our IP addresses alone do not make it easy for us to target by cybercriminals. Sad to say, this doesn't mean the hackers leave IP addresses alone. Below we will be discussing about how can we protect our IP address from hackers.

  • Use a secure password

Firstly, create a unique password that makes your devices secure. Your computer password is the only obstacle that can keep people from accessing your account.

Some people choose to keep their device's default passwords, leaving them open to attack. With all your accounts, your computer also needs a special and secure password that isn't easy to decipher.

  • Use VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN offers you with an encrypted tunnel for all your internet activities , ensuring that no one can access your data from and to your network. This removes all the chances of hacking and snooping your online activities and reduce the possibilities for cyber criminals to route malware to your computer.

  • Restricts the Apps

Apps downloaded on your computer are a massive source of IP address hacking.

Most chat applications, such as instant messengers and other calling applications, are used by cyber criminals as a method. Therefore we recommended you only download necessary communication apps and change your settings from Public to Private.

  • Phishing mail and malicious content

Most of the time, the software or device monitoring were installed on your computer via phishing emails. When you connect to the website, it enables the web page to access your IP address and computer location and make it accessible to hacking. Therefore it is important to be extra careful when opening an anonymous emails or clicking on links from unauthorized sites.

  • Use antivirus software or anti-malware

The antivirus or anti-malware able to detects uncertainty in accessing system information and warns you when clicking on misleading links. In addition, it will inform you about unusual behaviour that takes place on your system that ensures maximum security. Besides, a firewall is also another layer of protection that allows you to secure your computer.