Cost to Get IPv4 Address

2022-04-08 07:38:31 IPv4

Although there is IPv6 address available in the market, some companies still tend to use IPv4 address because the transition from IPv4 address to IPv6 address requires lots of effort and time. Currently, there are 2 methods to get IPv4 address which are buying IPv4 address and leasing IPv4 address, the main difference between these 2 methods is the cost. The cost to get an IPv4 address is starting from 0.49USD to more than 45USD depending on how you get IPv4 address.

Get IPv4 address from 0.49USD through IPv4 leasing

If you are looking to get IPv4 address at a lower cost, the best method is to lease IPv4 address. The cost to lease an IPv4 address is starting at 0.49USD per month, you can lease them from IPv4 lease provider. The leasing process is faster than buying IP address that may take more than a month, IPv4 leasing can be done in at least 48 hours.

The advantage of leasing IPv4 address is not just the lower cost, IPv4 leasing can benefit the business in many ways. One of the advantages is the lower cost of IPv4 leasing can help to cut costs and have more budget in spending on other important parts of your business.

Get IPv4 address from 45USD by buying IPv4 address

The cost to buy IPv4 address is higher than leasing IPv4 address because the buyer will be becoming the owner of the IPv4 address. Buyers can either buy IPv4 address by looking for the seller themselves or find an experienced IPv4 broker. The process of buying IP address is lengthy, it may take more than a month. If you urgently need the IPv4 address, it is advised to work with IPv4 broker, they are familiar with the IPv4 market and able to find the seller faster and get the process done in a shorter time.

Although the cost of buying IPv4 address is expensive, buy IPv4 address can benefits your business in the future. One of the benefits is the value of IPv4 address, it is forecast to be increased from year to year because of the limited resources and the competition in IPv4 market. Hence, you will save cost in buying IPv4 address when you need them in the future. It is advised to understand the process of buying IPv4 address to save time and cost.

Get IPv4 address based on the financial status

When deciding on the cost to get an IPv4 address, the most important is to look at the financial status. This is because the financial status can impact how the business grows. Hence, discuss among the teams and make the decision that best fits your business.