The IPv4 Situation in Taiwan

2021-06-03 08:40:17 IPv4

APNIC provides IPv4 resource, registration and other services to organizations among 56 countries (Economies), and in some cases, APNIC will provides the resources through NIRs (National Internet Registry) to satisfy geographical requirements and needs, and there are 7 NIRs in APNIC, NIR like TWNIC is not run by APNIC, but they have to pay membership fees to APNIC and follow APNIC resource policies.

Who is providing IP in Taiwan?

Let move onto TWNIC region, in most cases, lots of local companies in Taiwan may have to choose between membership with APNIC and TWNIC, because it’s not possible to get IPv4 address from both organizations. However, the annual membership fee of TWNIC is much cheaper than the fee of APNIC and that’s why a NIR exists, and companies tend to apply the IPv4 resources directly from them. It’s said, in nowadays, there are around 35.7 million IPv4 located in Taiwan region and approximately TWNIC holds the number of more than 34 million IPv4. With this huge amount of IPv4 quantity, this region ranked 15th place among the globe and just behind the India (Almost 1.4 billion population).

Where does all the Taiwan IP go?

Nevertheless, according to the annual report of Taiwan Network Information Center, around 6.5 million IPv4 addresses are assigned to government agencies and the 5 biggest telecommunications companies have took more than 22 million IPv4 addresses from TWNIC, these 5 telecoms have dominated more than 90% telecom market in Taiwan Region.

Limited IPv4 resources in Taiwan

Since most IPv4 addresses are assigned to telecom, TWNIC has limited IPv4 resources on their hands, and startup organizations could only receive not more than /22 IPv4 (most of the time are /23 IPv4) on each application in recent years. Therefore, TWNIC cannot satisfy the growing needs of IP addresses in its region especially the age of IP exhaustion.

Alternative ways to get IPv4 in Taiwan

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Written by - Ricky Lu, Business Development Specialist of LARUS Limited